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Dangerous amongst fishes….

Piranha….. The dangerous fish found in the Amazon. We have seen lot of fishes but this on one which is found in south America is a killer one… It measures upto 26cms and its strong teeth are its power… It have one of the strongest bite amongst the vertibrates in the world… Lot of cases are seen where people are also killed with a worst kind of damage ceeated where even the bodies cant be recognized… They usually attack in schools(group of fishes)… They are also eaten by humans as food….. One of the amazing creature with such ability.. ☺


Earth’s fastest birds….

Peregrine Falcon 

White-throated Needletail
  The peregrine falcon  is considered as the worlds fastest bird. The maximum speed attained by this is 320-563 kmph and u should keep in mind that its not the horizontal flying speed it is the speed attained while diving…. While the horizontal speed is 70-80kmph.. 
One more interesting bird is the  white-throated needletail it is the second fastest  but when it comes to the horizontal speed this will be the winner.  The speed attained is 170kmph….